I am completely outraged by the recent Kansas bill, and I am ashamed to be a resident of this state. I will be actively rallying against this bill in hopes that it will be eradicated. It is awful to me that people are denied basic rights because of who they choose to love. God bless you all.


When I’m back on your dash after months of hiatus.


Happy Halloween everyone! Stay safe tonight.

"God is always watching over you, but that does not mean you shouldn’t be watching yourself." - My Grandmammy. Love and miss you, girl.


I love and miss you all very much. I hope life has been nothing short of amazing for each and every one of you.




Anyways, this blog was a very toxic environment for the three of us due to all the hate that it attracted, and we don’t plan on coming back here ever again. Although the experiment was focused on solely the rude people, we cannot deny that there were so many kind people who loved Francieum and sent her so many sweet messages day after day! We appreciate you guys so much and wish we could hug each and every one of you because we are eternally grateful for all the kindness you’ve brought to us throughout the conduction of this experiment. Yes, there’s a lot of scum in this world, but there are truly beautiful people as well.

Thank you all again, so much. This is Francinne Keyes-Holmesworth, signing out for the last time. God bless you all.

Cole Sprouse uses us for experiment, we all hate him. You use us for an experiment, we all love you. idgi.

There was a lesson to be learned from all we did, and an important one too. The three of us running this blog have learned so much ourselves through this. Harassment and bullying on the basis of someone being different is a very important issue in today’s society and even if we did “break some hearts” this was one way to bring it to light.



Where are they now: Francieum


Where have you been, Francieum?

I went to Africa for two months to do research. No internet there. I got back two weeks ago and I’ve gotten everything settled down right now.


Thanks for participating! How have all of you been? I hope you’re doing swell. Now that I’m on break I’ll have some more time to spend here! God bless you all.